London born Artist – Steven Perry aka Pez

The Colourful surreal illustrations and paintings produced by Pez have become synonymous with Urban Britain and Club Culture. A prolific young artist at the peak of his work for clubland (1989-2000) Pez created a look that is instantly recognisable.

Originally inspired by Hip-Hop culture and the publication of “Subway Art” (Martha Cooper, Henry Chalfont) he launched his career as a Graffiti Artist (1986) with his tag or nom de plume ‘Pez’ derived from his surname Perry.
This was followed by a dance music revolution, a creative and cultural explosion of the late 1980’s early 90’s. It was during this roller coaster period that the images we associate with Pez were created. Instead of reaching people via graffiti he created artwork for the use on club flyers which were seen by hundreds of thousands of people every week and unknowingly sewing his art into the fabric of UK dance music culture.

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